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Through “Open access” ProMed offers a closer relationship with patients avoiding costly visits to the emergency room. ProMed allows patients to have a medical service soon no matter if it’s an emergency, chronic disease, sports accident or is an accidental injury at home or at work.
ProMed wants to make going to the doctor less complicated and faster. Our services are accessible to uninsured patients as well as if you have health insurance mostly major health programs are accepted.  We have immediate payment discounted fees especially useful for patients without medical insurance who wants to benefit from having prompt access to medical visits and laboratory and diagnostic tests.

Our facilities includes services: x-rays, laboratory tests, electrocardiography, pulmonary function tests, therapy, medications, injections, and small surgery suite.

A list of some of the services offered include: care of children, adolescents, adults, women’s health fertility test and treatment as well as birth control and pregnancy, cardiovascular risk prevention, cholesterol problems, diabetes and hypertension control, obesity treatment, arthritis treatment and muscular disorders, low back pain, sports injury treatment including fractures and casting, physicals and sports, laceration, sutures, foreign bodies, diagnosis and treatment of skin lesions, scar cosmetic corrective procedures and many more services.

Promed offers bilingual staff (English & Spanish). Services are designed for patients of all ethnicities, with a friendly, comfortable, and comprehensive service.

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ProMed is a small but powerful clinic that understands the problems of our community.



Dr. E. Alfredo Argote 

Dr. Argote is the Medical Director and Founder of ProMed.  He completed his Family Medicine Residency at Community Hospitals of Indianapolis.  Originally from Bogota, Colombia he attended Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Medical School.  Dr. Argote is a highly trained Physician and Surgeon as he completed an Orthopedic Surgery Residency in Colombia and fellowship in the Hospital for Joint diseases in New York. He has expertise in Sport medicine, Arthroscopy, and Joint reconstructive surgery. Dr. Argote has the latest training in Family medicine and is board certified. 

doctora martha


Martha Argote, RN

Martha is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in health care as a nurse for many years including a master’s degree in Occupational Health from National University in Colombia. She has ER, Maternity and pediatric care experience and also helps by leading ProMed management and operations.




 Estrella Hilario RN: Estrella graduated as an RN BSN at the University of Indiana. Friendly and always available to help, whether a friend or a patient.  She is bilingual in English and Spanish allowing you to communicate and educate all our patients easily.  She lives in Indianapolis with her husband and daughter.

Jessica Yanes: Jessica is our medical assistant, she will be your contact at ProMed. She attended Kaplan College and is bilingual in English and Spanish. She enjoys traveling and spending time with his family and friends.

Adriana Valdez: Adriana is our medical assistant, she will be your contact at ProMed especially on the weekends.  She attended Kaplan College and is bilingual in English and Spanish. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Stephania Pfeiffer: Medical Billing specialist. She is attending at IUPUI studying Accounting and business management. Being fluent in both English and Spanish will make your visit a smooth ride. She likes to travel and spend time with her husband.

Elizabeth Hilario: Accounting and bookkeeping specialist from IUPUI. She likes to travel, spend time with her husband and take care of her pets.

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Our History

ProMed is characterized by having different and accurate solutions to various health problems with the best and most affordable prices for the population in Central Indiana.  This has led to an evolution in terms of quality, attention has noticed a large increase in patients in the last few years.

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