Ganglion Cyst

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Ganglion Cyst, also called synovial cyst, is a lump or ball, often found in the hands and feet. It is painless, soft and mobile because it does not adhere to nearby structures. They usually vary in size and do not have symptoms. Ganglion cysts can be annoying when they affect certain areas such as the joints on fingers or in areas where they are in contact with the shoe.

These tumors originate from the synovial sheath of tendons and joints. They are due to a weakness in the wall of these sheaths that causes the joint fluid to accumulate inside. Although the most common reason of a lump is a cyst, sometimes a benign solid tumor can be present.

Generally patients want to treat the discomfort that is interfering with their daily activities, or for aesthetic reasons. The treatment can be done by evacuation of the content through a needle, although cyst usually returns, or by a surgical removal – with much lower chances of recurrence. If you have a lump under your skins come see us. We will gladly help with a diagnosis and a solution.

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