“ProMed welcomes insured and uninsured patients. We offer reduced rates for excellent service and superior quality healthcare. Our price list is beneficial to those in our community who either cannot afford health insurance or have a HIGH DEDUCTIBLE INSURANCE. Also, PATIENTS WITH┬áminor emergencies who cannot afford emergency care will find our services convenient, immediate, and very affordable.”


Why is ProMed different?

“ProMed provides prompt services in a cost-effective manner by performing them under one roof. ProMed specializes in diagnostic and surgical procedures.”

Our Services

“Open Access” appointments

Open access consultation with the ability to schedule prompt appointments, such as same-day or as the urgency of your case requires.

Office surgical procedures

ProMed offers in office solutions to procedures like: skin lacerations and non-complicated tendon repair, ingrown toenails surgeries , removal of foreign bodies, withdrawals lipomas or fatty tumors , treatment of hemorrhoids.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Pain Management for injuries caused by car accidents or old or new diseases. We offer medical treatment, medication and therapy.

Routine Laboratory Tests and Urgency

Laboratory testing – both routine and urgent.


We examined the knee, shoulder , hip, and other parts of the body with ultrasound the same day ; soft tissue injuries and muscle are also examined using rapid precise and safe technology.


ProMed provides imaging services for different parts of the body by X-ray and ultrasound.

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Management of sprains and fractures, back pain, foot deformities, and detentions. ProMed also offers injections for joints, spine, and arthritis including hyaluronic acid, and steroids under ultrasound guidance.

Skin lesions

Management of and, if necessary, surgery for skin injuries including cosmetic problems, scar revision, tumors, moles, blemishes , disease management of skin blemishes , acne,
and scalp diseases.

Cardiovascular Health

Medical management of : Diabetes , high blood pressure, high cholesterol ; detailed assessment of cardiovascular risk genetic study. Medical management of obesity and nutrition counseling . Apnea Problems

Women’s Health

Pregnancy diagnosis and control, infertility study and treatment, and contraception (intrauterine device and other services).

Sexual Health

Management of sexual problems, diagnosis and treatment of STDs and other infections, circumcision, vasectomy ” no scalpel” .

Hormonal Treatment

Medical management of low testosterone, hormonal alterations in women.